Jay M Scoltz


I am Mustaf Akibu Jana knows as stage name “Jay M Scoltz” who hails from Zomba and doing Dancehall and Passada Genres.

I am 17 years old, born on February 2, 2004. I am a Muslim and a child of Al Barak. I am the eldest in a family of 5 children which has two boys and three girls.

I started singing in 2020 in August and I became known for the song “Ulibe Skill” which gave people inspiration and happiness. I kept singing with other artists such as “Gennuh Deveidah, Trigy G, Abizzoh, Frank NG and T’More which made me gain a lot of fans in a short period of time.

Then later at the end of the same year I left Zomba for Btz and stayed for 2 months working with Steve B.

In 2021 I released an Ep Called HIDDEN-FEELNGS. Which Contains 6 Tracks And All Are Features.

On the other side I’m an Art’s Designer.