Dat Boy Real bounces back with new music

Dat Boy Real featuring C Craine

After releasing ‘Holy sleep over’ the hip hop artist Dat Boy Real is back with some new music. He is about to release a new song titled ‘Body work’ which talks of him admiring a girl from a foreign country.

The story continues that the song is a party jam which actually welcomes him back to the music scene. Dat boy real featured his friend from way back who was his primary school classmate who happens to be a dancehall artist now.

Asking him what he sees in an artist so that he must feature the artist Dat boy Real responded that he sees what kind of music the other artist does and also whether the other artist is hardworking or not and if the answer to that is positive he features that particular artist.

The new song will be released on dates in accordance to the radio station’s dates of air play said the artist. The song will be available on various websites for downloads for free but if anyone feels like purchasing it they may do so at any price which they desire.

Even though the song Body work talks of a girl Dat Boy real does gospel music throughout and only at minor occasion does he compose and make secular music but only that which is positive.

Talking of his past Dat Boy Real started making music way back with his brother ‘D3tails’ who also happens to be an artist now but his first studio recording session was in 2014. Dat Boy Real was motivated by urban artist Piksy and also the way his uncle had a passion for music that he believes that music runs in the family blood.

Dat Boy Real resides in Lilongwe city and his real name is Hastings Jayson Kamanga.