By Pempho Singo

Slyc is a Zomba-based artiste who currently does what I call the Local-Urban fusion genre. Today is his birthday and I had the chance to talk to him.

Slyc started making music around 2010 after listening to artists like Mbenjere and Chibade for a while and this gave him the passion to start making music of his own. Thereafter he learned music production from a man called Mr. Nkhoma at Mich Records later in 2013 he become a producer at the same studio he learned production.

Slyc has three hit songs so far titled Ndapanga dala, Ndabwerako, and Tandigwire dale. Every artist has ups and downs and Slyc also encountered his, the lowest point in his music career was when he released an album ‘Owner’s Risk’ but no one seemed to pay attention.

Asking him what he did to overcome such a heavy blow he responded that “I kept on releasing more music until I did Ndapanga dala and this song including the one’s that I mentioned earlier changed my life as an artist”.   

Slyc is known for switching genres from Hip-Hop to Local music with an urban touch which makes it easy for people of all ages, and backgrounds to listen to. He told me that he made such a decision because he wanted to have his own identity in the music fraternity so that Malawian culture can be appreciated.

Besides music, Slyc is a certified Journalist and he is currently doing an internship at Chanco Community Radio. Slyc’s Innocent real name is Malemia.