Excell Khama to release new EP

By Pempho Singo

The artist, whose real name is Wisdom Nyirenda, has planned to drop an EP on a date yet to be announced. The EP titled ‘Life Experience’ will consist of the following tracks:

 1. Adzamwanso

2. Camera ft. Reo Punk

3. Kumanena feat. Luckious

4. Link feat Decorijo, Climax, and L Wizzy

5. Maturity feat. Amidu Ellan

6. Mbwelera feat. Lay B Salima

It has been produced by various producers, named Dynop Beats, SMAF Beats, Cheo Meek, Mingo, and Gv Zombie.

Before releasing this EP, Excell released songs called Sizampikisano ft. Lay B. Salima and Jay Tway and another track called Tchimo Limazunza featuring Luckcious. These two songs made him well-known, and they also happen to be the most loved songs by people who follow his music.