Praise Umali and Eli Njuchi collaborate again on a new song

By Pempho Singo

After working together in Eli Njuchi’s ‘Tate Wane’, Praise Umali has returned the favor by featuring Eli on a new song titled ‘Love Me Now’. The song talks about how one is telling their ex-lover not to love them in the present time after being disappointed by the acts of the ex in a previous relationship after they showed no signs of reciprocation.

Tate Wane the song before this one talked of GBV (Gender Based Violence) while this new one has tackled a different angle. The song has been received well by the masses as it is being quoted so much by the followers of the two artists on social media and instant messaging Apps like WhatsApp.

The song is currently available on streaming sites like Spotify. We hope that Praise Umali will release a video soon since the company that he operates under ‘Manifest’ also shoots videos.

Recently Praise Umali released an album titled ‘September’ that made him rise to stardom. Umali is a songwriter, rapper, producer, and sound engineer. He does gospel and positive music while Eli focuses much on positive music.

The country has had a growth in success stories by young artists like these two when it comes to sold-out shows and a huge number of streams online. Good examples are Eli Njuchi himself, Achina Gattah, Kell Kay, and Gwamba just to mention a few.