Chikondi Wiseman

Chikondi Wiseman is a female singer-songwriter who resides in Lilongwe. She recently released a couple of songs and these few songs got her trending already. She started her singing career in early 2022 but even before recording her own music, she was doing backup vocals for other musical artists.

Her first song titled ‘Leisure and Pleasure’ was produced by Vidiex Fyah while its video was shot by Dappyz Malawi of Online Lab Capture. The song came out in March 2022, it was this song that made Cardinal the leader of an entertainment group called Makosana approach her to go record a freestyle at their studio which was uploaded online.

It was this freestyle which brought her recognition and it gained her followers and fans. She later on released another song in August titled ‘Lole’. This track was done differently when it comes to style, composure, and delivery. The very same people who were part of the production team in the previous song were also involved in the production of this song.

Her latest release is a short hip-hop track titled ‘Expressive Empress’ and she received both positive and negative feedback based on this song. Everyone who does music experiences some kind of difficulties and asking Chikondi what her setbacks are she responded “I am a university student and I am broke, I fail to represent my brand as a musical artist to its full capacity because I lack financial resources. It’s a struggle and a painful experience, there is also writer’s block and these frequent blackouts these are the obstacles that make my singing career tough”.

Even though she faces these challenges she mentioned that she gets help from well-wishers and there are a few things she is establishing that are going to minimize her struggles. One might say her career has just started and maybe she has never thought of quitting but no! Chikondi just like any other artist who is facing struggles thought of quitting at some point. The reason behind the attempt to quit was that none of her releases came out as planned so this got her frustrated.

Chikondi Wiseman recently got featured by rapper Riffle Dynamic in a song ‘Stay with me’(Cover) originally done by British Rapper ArrDee and she mentioned that the experience working with the rapper was amazing as Riffle is such a humble guy and top of that the message of the song is strong. Asking her what requirements are to be met for her to work with someone, if she charges for a collabo her response was that “I charge for a collabo but I can also work with someone for free if I feel like. And for me to feature another artist in one of my projects, I do that when I feel challenged by the other artist”.

The singer said that she makes time for her studies and her music separately from her being a university student because the two conflict with each other at times. But she said that she sees herself studying music in an ideal world. For those who drop out of school just to pursue music Chikondi believes that being in a country where the industry hasn’t advanced yet it’s better to finish school first or do booth then find a perfect time to release music after school has been dealt with.

The singer is planning to release an Extend Play and artists to be featured in it are going to a surprise. Asking her where she sees herself in the next five years she responded that she sees herself as a big music artist both locally and internationally where she will be representing Malawi and Africa.

 The singer thinks that for Malawian music to reach greater heights there’s a need for artists to utilize the use of the internet and create top-quality music. She also cited that there is a need for more music promotional platforms so that Malawians can have a chance to market their music and share it globally the world is now a global village.

Chikondi likes music made by dance hall artist Malinga, rapper Tadala, and reggae artist Sangie including all her friends locally and internationally she likes music by Nina Simone, Ian Dele, and Billie Eilish. During her free time she loves writing, she is trying out drawing and even though it’s what she already does, she also loves singing.