Gospel hip-hop artist Thew Botter plans to visit Mzuzu Prison

Thew Botter

Gospel artist Thew Botter is set to visit the Mzuzu main prison on the 23rd of June and donate various goods. Apart from the donations the artist and his team will also preach God’s forgiveness and inspire the inmates to trust God and also know that people outside the walls of the prison care about them.

The artist has been asking his friends, family and fans to donate goods like soap, salt, beddings, clothes and also any amount of money in order to reach the needy inmates and all this has been done through a Facebook page created for the fundraiser.

Asking the artist what measures he and his team have put in place to make sure the goods reach the targeted people who are the inmates the artist has made it clear that there will be frequent visits to the prison and interrogations will be under way to find out whether the prisoners receive the donations.

Thew also said that the primary purpose why they will visit the prison is to preach the gospel and the donations are secondary.

Asking him who else will be joining the team to the prison he mentioned of Non governmental organizations like Bright Vision Organisation and Citizenship Impact Organisation just to mention a few.

The artist started making music in his secondary school days but became serious with it in his varsity days after one of his songs titled Green City enjoyed airplay on various radio stations.

He earlier on released an extended playlist titled Fears and Faults (produced by Third Generation) which was on sale and 16% of the sales were donated to charity work that the donations were made to Tidzalelana Shelter for the disabled in Ndirande Blantyre.

Thew Botter grew up listening to , Kendrick Lamar, late Brenda Fassie, Rabecca Malope, Late Wambali Mkandawire and the Namadingo’s and all along he wanted to be like them.

He then started writing his own songs and he recorded his first song while he was in form 3 and the song was all over the school’s campus and that pushed him to make more songs.

Thew Botter does gospel Hip-hop with a Tumbuka vibe and his favourite artists are Dr Patience Namadingo and Suffix.

The artist has recently graduated from University of Livingstonia where he was studying Food and Nutrition and he now works for an Organisation in Mzuzu called the Banana Box Trust.