Jiddelano rises from the dead with Seven O More

Jiddelano – Kelvin Lano

The past two days have been extremely busy for Jiddelano who happens to be a look alike for American singer who did the hit song  ‘classic man’. He was busy releasing his brand new single ft Seven O More  titled ‘Ndauka Kwa Akufa’ produced by Ninja which is translated in English ‘ I’ve risen from the dead’.

The song is generally talking about his come back in all corners of his life as an artist and also a man . In an interview we had with him Jiddelano explains that ” The song says I’ve risen from the dead , I was taken as an who wouldn’t blow up but I have in any ways possible, they used to say I couldn’t get married but now I have a wife , it’s just trying to say that there were some corners in life where I was a failure but now I can manage those things”.

The artist continued saying that the song will be available on every platform known and unknown to Malawians whether big or just established.

Before this song ‘Ndauka Kwa Akufa’ the artist released a song titled ‘Bushiri’ which was welcomed by the masses and he also believes that this new song will be received well by the people.

Asking him what he does for a living apart from music and where he sees himself in the future he proudly responded that he is a businessman and also that his future is bright because he doesn’t have dreams but he has goals.

Before doing music Jiddelano was a music producer and fans had to push him to start making his own music just because of the way he looks. He started making music in 2019 after being a music producer since 2012.

He as an artist has faced lots of problems but the major challenge is oppression by those who are capable of helping upcoming artists just like him to rise up to the top.

Surprising enough Jiddelano has never thought of quitting music just because they’re some people who have been his mentors and after seeing how these people successed he also thought he could do the same.

Jiddelano resides in Lilongwe and his real name is Kelvin Lano.