TREY STAR Releases New Extended Play [by Pempho Singo]

Trey Star (Patrick Jason Nkhoma)

Trey Star is a Mzuzu based artist who has released a new Extended Playt and he is distributing for free on WhatsApp using 0886564601 and 0880152426. The artist has decided to distribute the songs using the instant messaging application because he doesn’t have enough funds to have his music uploaded on various websites.

The EP is constisted of gospel music and it talks of what happens in Christian life. Usually the artist does positive music and also sees what happens in life then make songs out of that. The EP has 7 songs and it has been produced by Bwata B.

Trey Star started making music in the year 2010 when he met a friend called Ausbing whom encouraged him to go record a song together they went to a studio called Mzee in Mzuzu. He went for a break till 2015 after writing MSCE exams. Since that time he has released a couple of singles.

There was a moment when he almost quit music because he wasn’t financially stable and he had no one to support him. Here in Malawi Trey Star likes the music of Piksy, Viceroy, Keturah, the Daredevilz, and internationally he goes for Dwayne Tyrmf Nation Boss, Andy Mineo and many more.

Currently he is in a group of two which called D.A.B with a friend called Jay Choh.

D.A.B (Jay Choh left and Trey Star right)

Here is a brief personal details of Trey Star:
Real Name: Patrick Jason Nkhoma.
Year of birth: 1997.
Marital Status: In a relationship.
Home Village: Luchenza, T\A Chimaliro Thyolo District.
Current City: Chiwabvi, Mzuzu.
Favourite Food: Nsima with boiled hybrid chicken.