D3tailz ready to drop some fire [Fuego]

D3tailz – Fuego [Fire]

After dropping an EP D3tailz is ready to drop a new song titled ‘Fuego’ which is Spanish for the word fire.

People really liked his EP with songs like Broken Mirrors and C.I.M.B which gave people another reason to really love his music.

The artist said; “people must wait for the song because it’s based on a message of hope elaborating that God loves everyone and how much He wants them to have gifts of the spirit”.

D3tailz is now being managed by Nolam Nation which is spear headed by Vecli Foz and Yard Flex. That being said he also added that he is now signed under DJ Brown a Lilongwe based Producer.

Nolam Nation and DJ Brown will help the artist push his music and this song by having it uploaded on different social media platforms and also having it aired on different radio stations. The first radio station that will play it is Radio 2 FM inside the program Made on Monday on the 19th of April.

After Fuego the rest will be surprising packages and hepromised to keep his fans updated.