Get to know BeveereJean

BeveereJean real name BeveereJean Malinki

Who is BeveereJam

BeveereJean is a female musical artist whose real name is BeveereJean Malinki. She’s 20 years old and has just dropped her first album under Jopo Music.

The album is titled “My Father’s Prayer” and it has 14 tracks which she wrote all by herself and were all produced by Jopo Music.

The album has a mixture of both gospel and secular music regardless the title which makes it sound more like a gospel album.

The album has songs like Nthawi which goes like:

  • Ndilibe phuma ayi
  • Kuthamanga sikufika no
  • Ndikungodikira
  • Nthawi nthawi
  • Ndikungodikira
  • Nthawi yanga

And the another song titled ‘We Better’ which has lyrics like; “We better live in one house/Eat from one plate/Wearing the same clothes and/We share the little we get/Because we are better than the richest”.

The artist has featured artists like Sagonja, Glyn and Joe Mass in her songs from the album. The artist started doing music in the year 2015 but ventured into serious music in the year 2017 when started recording at Groovy Boy Records.

Despite her being signed under Jopo Music she enlightened that she still faces problems like sourcing funds to shoot music videos. And the best part of her working with the label is that she finds it easy working with those who signed her cos it is always about team work.

BeveereJean disclosed that she personally doesn’t think it’s better to drop out of school just to do music but rather work hard in both ways and give it a good balance.

Her album is for free but if there is anyone out there who would appreciate her talent and wants to buy it  they must know that there is no price attached to the album that any amount will do.

Apart from music BeveereJean has just written MSCE exams and she is also a fashion designer.