By Pempho Singo

Born Abdul Rasheed Nemla ADL started making music in the year 2014. In that year he would just be taken to the studio by a group of friends to spectate until he was given space of 8 bars in a verse to record.

Since that year he has recorded over 50 tracks. He has worked with other up-and-coming artists like Trey Star, Wellie 265, King Wiz, Coj Liger, and many more.

One of his singles ‘Medicine’ performed well based on how it got received by the audiences and their feedback.

Nemla’s favorite artist locally is Teddy and internationally he loves music by Zinoleesky. We asked what his advice is to his fellow Musicians he responded “I would like to tell my fellow artists that music is all about how you feel, you’re supposed to follow your heart. If your heart doesn’t beat when composing, and recording the whole song it means that your song won’t come out perfect”. Nemla ADL does Afro Pop music, he does some piece work besides music and he resides in Mzuzu.